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Just another update. 01.02.2011 (10.02.2011)

Another year without news, but as before: I've been just busy with my label Metal On Metal Records and meanwhile I was uploading new artworks, however not many this time...

Again I have painted only 4 new COVER ARTS since the last news: for WITCHBURNER "Demons", HEATHENDOM "Heathendom" (this one is not painted but created using photos), NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" and CATCH 22 "Monumetal" (the last 3 albums for Metal On Metal Records releases).

I've painted and added to the CARICATURES gallery a double caricature of Gerre (Tankard) and Bobby (ex-Sodom) who are anchormen for the "Rock Guerilla" TV series by the German "Rock Hard" magazine. This design was done and used for the official T-shirts that can be purchased from the magazine.

Fragments of these artworks can be viewed in higher resolution in the ZOOM gallery.

I wanted to add also a comment about the EXHIBITION that I had in the museum in Koblenz...
It was truly a fantastic experience! At the vernissage there was a lot of press (I gave 2 interviews for TV, 1 for radio and 1 for a newspaper) and the state secretary showed up to make a speech - the museum has never had such interest and the state secretary has never come to make a speech at the opening of an exhibition before. :) There were 180 people at the opening and of course quite a lot of metalheads. Steelpreacher guys were present and they had a special spotlight there: on 1 wall there was their 2,5 x 2,5 meter backdrop with the "Start Raising Hell" cover hanging and there was a special cabinet with the vinyl, a few of the Metal On Metal Records CDs with my covers and the new CD of Steelpreacher - there was also a button which you could press to listen to "Drinking With The Devil"! :)

I put a lot of photos from the vernissage on my Photobucket account - click HERE to check them!

And we managed to grab the news from German TV: they talk about the exhibition and there's a short fragment of one of the interviews I gave. Quite funny stuff - watch it here:

My first exhibition! (01.01.2010)

A long time since the last news, but again, I was uploading new artworks meanwhile. And the really BIG NEWS is at the end of this update... My first EXHIBITION - and not in a gallery, but in a MUSEUM! :) Read on to learn more!!!

But first the overview on what's been added to the website...

I have painted only 3 new COVER ARTS since the last news and all of them for the bands released by my and my husband's label (Metal On Metal Records): MIDNIGHT IDOLS "Sworn To The Night" (out in June 2009), FRANKENSHRED "Cauldron Of Evil" and BRUTAL HAND "Purgatory's Rage" (both out in December 2009).

There are also 3 new CARICATURES: of Bart Gabriel the editor in chief of Polish "Hard Rocker" magazine, of Brian Johnson and Angus Young for the special AC/DC edition of "SLAM!" magazine (Rock Classics series) and of Lemmy for the German "Rock Hard" magazine (Motorhead special).

Finally 3 new band LOGO DESIGNS: for SESTA MARCONI (however the band decided to go with a completely different logo in the end), MIDNIGHT IDOLS and BRUTAL HAND - all 3 bands on Metal On Metal Records. Besides, there's a mascot/poster/T-shirt design for TRUE METAL AMERICA concert series and festival - a metallized Uncle Sam!

As always, if you want to see some details or the artworks, you can find higher resolution fragments of the cover arts and caricatures in the ZOOM gallery.

Now off to the BIG news...

I'm really excited to announce that I will have my first individual exhibition!
Would you think that a museum of arts (founded in 1834) would be interested in showing cover arts for metal bands? I for sure wouldn't! But the Mittelrhein-Museum in a German city Koblenz thought outside of the box. :)
Since October there's an exposition "Unser Metall: Gold und Silber, Blech und Bronze", but to attract also younger people to the museum, they had thought to have an additional exhibition of cover arts for METAL bands! We hooked up thanks to Chris Hector, former graphic layouter of German "Metal Hammer" magazine. To make the story even cooler: out of 43 covers that I have painted so far 3 are for the bands from... Koblenz! 2 covers for STEELPREACHER and 1 for METAL INQUISITOR (soon it will be 5, because I'm going paint for the new albums of these bands in the next months). Anyway, in the end the museum decided to show also my other works, from the Academy years and later, not only cover arts, so my artworks will hang in 2 rooms - from January 9th till February 21st.
The vernissage will be on January 8th (Friday) though. I will be there at the opening and so will the guys from STEELPREACHER and METAL INQUISITOR - and hopefully I'll see more familiar faces and meet some new friends too! After the vernissage at the museum the party will move to the metal pub on the other side of the street. :)
Check the info about the exhibition from here. And here's a very cool FLYER!

Big cheers to Nora Löhr for the idea of BRINGING METAL TO THE MUSEUM! :D

The reason for the long absence. (31.10.2008)

A year and a half without any news on this website. Well, yes, it's been sort of abandoned, for reasons I will tell in a while, but actually I have been uploading some new artworks without posting news about it...

The new (since the last news here) COVER ARTS include: FALLEN ANGELS "Rise From Ashes" (out in September 2008 on Metal On Metal Records), ATTACKER "Standing The Test Of Time", DANTESCO "Pagano", STEELPREACHER "Drinking With The Devil", NOMAD SON "First Light" (out in July 2008 on Metal On Metal Records), HEATHENDOM "Nescience" (out in July 2008 on Metal On Metal Records), PARAGON "Screenslaves", FORSAKEN "After The Fall" and METAL LAW "Lawbreaker" (out in November 2008 on Metal On Metal Records).

You can find some fragments of the above mentioned paintings in the ZOOM gallery.

And the new LOGO DESIGNS are for: METAL ON METAL Records and its division, RAW METAL.

There is also one CARICATURE added: of Götz Kühnemund, the editor in chief of German "Rock Hard" magazine.

Unfortunately there's a bug that doesn't let me upload any new pictures to the galleries in the "METAL" part of this website, so there are no new concert photos or "offstage" shots added. Hopefully I'll solve this problem together with my webmaster in the next weeks, if we find enough time to work on this.

I mentioned METAL ON METAL Records a few times... Well, this is what has been keeping me so busy for the last year and what has become the absolute priority for me. It's my and my husband's record label focused on all traditional metal styles. If you like classic heavy, US power, thrash, doom and in general all REAL metal, please, visit our website 'cause we've got all these goods there! 5 releases are out, 2 more coming in 2 weeks.
Ah yes, I moved to Italy almost over a year ago and if you see somewhere the name Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi, well, it's me. ;)

A long overdue update. (05.07.2007)

I'm still alive and well (actually VERY well). Just busy with traveling to festivals, shows... and except for spending countless hours on scanning and preparing the pics from the shows in Photoshop - busy with my regular work too. Well, I guess it's HIGH time for an update... maybe I should do smaller updates more often, but anyway... here's what I've recently put up on the site:

COVER ARTS gallery: cover paintings for the MANILLA ROAD tribute CD (out on Solemnity Music), STYGIAN SHORE (for their debut album from '89, not released until June), WITCHBURNER and RAVENSTHORN new albums. As usually, you can take a closer look at some of their fragments in the ZOOM gallery.

LOGO DESIGNS: a T-shirt design for the X anniversary edition of HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR festival.

OFFSTAGE: a brand new (and already full) 2007 gallery. Plus some new pictures in the Headbangers gallery.

Besides, I gave an interview for the Metal Mundus websize - you can read it here: (big thanks to Piospy!). If I find enough time I'll translate it, but for the moment - just Polish version.

And that's it for now. I'm still preparing the photo sets from the last 6 festivals I was at and I hope I can post them within 3 weeks.

After the long battle - online again! (21.01.2007)

Unfortunately the problems with my website didn't end on the server changing problems. The former owner and admin of my website (NOT my webmaster) failed to transfer the domain to me and didn't renew it, so it expired and went offline for over a month. But all is well what ends well: I registered it as soon as it became available again and, finally being its owner, I don't have to depend on unreliable people anymore (a small piece of advice: if you don't want to have bad surprises like this, register your www domain names by yourself and keep an eye on payments).

Anyway... there's some new stuff in a few galleries.
In the STAGE gallery: photos from SWORDBROTHERS and KEEP IT TRUE festivals as well as from the shows of Nevermore, Abandoned, Vicious Rumors and Beyond Fear.
I also made a photo session for METAL LAW - you can check those (and other) pictures in the OFFSTAGE gallery.

Currently I'm working on 2 cover arts: for MANILLA ROAD Tribute CD and for RAVENSTHORN - I will put them online with the next update. For now I added there only a Berserker drawing which is the mascot of BERSERKER RAGE festival. I plan to create a new gallery soon to separate "other stuff" from "cover arts" - especially that I drew quite a few illustrations that just don't fit there.

Moving physically and virtually. (01.11.2006)

The wish to update my website more often remained a wish. I was waiting for the HOA festival, but then my life took a sudden (positive) turn resulting in my moving out from Berlin. And recently I moved also virtually: I changed servers (this caused technical problems with uploading files... luckily I can always count on my webmaster who fixed everything for me :) ).

Anyway, meanwhile I was gradually adding photos: the ones from King Diamond and Jon Oliva's Pain's shows have been in the STAGE section for quite some time. Then there are sets from the great HOA festival - and that's it for now, because I still haven't prepared the photos from Swordbrothers festival and Nevermore gig. And soon I'll have more - mainly from KIT festival.
I also added new pictures to the OFFSTAGE (2006 and Headbangers) galleries.

COVER ARTS gallery has been updated with 3 cover arts: for METAL LAW, SILVER FIST and REDRUM (re-issue of their "Power Corrupts" album from 1989). You can find 2 fragments in the ZOOM gallery.
For METAL LAW I have designed logo as well - it's in the LOGOs gallery of course.

Besides, I drew a live motif with the official KUTTEN4EVER (ex-X-Mas Metal Meeting) festival's Headbanger - it landed in the CARICATURES gallery.

And finally there are a lot of new cemetery photos (tombstones, monuments and miscellanous) on THE GRAND LEVELLER'S DOMAIN's pages.

Another big update. (15.06.2006)

The long-overdue update is finally here! A couple of reasons kept me from doing it earlier, one of them was waiting for clarification of a certain situation, but after half of a year... enough is enough.

So... first of all, 5 new COVER ARTS: for INSPELL, PALE DIVINE and PHILOSOPHER (EP and CD art) + one more. 2 bits landed also in the ZOOM gallery.

LOGOs gallery has been updated with the new version of the official KEEP IT TRUE festival mascot.

A handful of pictures has been added to the STAGE gallery: photos of King Diamond (there will be more from the last Friday's show in Glauchau - but I haven't developed the film yet!), Thunderbolt, Skyclad, Elvenpath, Adramelch, Battleroar, Airged L'amh, Rapid Fire, Desilence, Respawn, Black Horsemen, Gutter Sirens, Hekatomba, First Aid, Vae Victis, Betrayed and of all the bands that played at the SWORDBROTHERS and KEEP IT TRUE festivals. There are also new offstage photos in the OFFSTAGE gallery (2006 and Headbangers).

The INTERVIEWS section has been updated with 2 long interviews: one with ADRAMELCH and one with me that I gave for the German 'zine "Metal Obsession".

And last, but not least: I've created a new section - GET METALLIZED! I'll be adding there flyers and banners of various events (mostly festivals) that I consider worth supporting. Any suggestions welcome!

...And I will try to update my website more often. :)

Before the big update. (16.04.2006)

The big update is ALMOST here, but I want to finish the cover I'm working on right now first (for PHILOSOPHER) and I'm still waiting for the answers from ADRAMELCH (that will be a very long and indepth interview) - I don't want to post here interviews only with myself, haha. Well, yeah, by the way, the very first interview I gave (in November last year) is finally online here: (many thanks to Chris Galea!) I talked a lot about photography there. And à propos photography... I still have to get the films from KEEP IT TRUE developed and scanned and then prepare the sets as always, so they will be online probably a bit later. Anyway, the festival was again heaven on earth for me. Kudos to Oli and the whole KIT crew!

Interview. (19.01.2006)

I have been interviewed for a big Polish webzine - Metalheart (dzieki, Marcin :) ). I talked a lot about my current work, studying at the Academy, Metal (of course!) and some "offtopic" things. You can read the interview here: Well, if you don't speak Polish, you can't, but I will translate it to English and post it here together with the next big A&M update.

After KIT... is before KIT! (12.12.2005)

That's right, I'm already looking forward to the April's edition of the one of the greatest metal festivals ( Solitude Aeturnus, Exciter, Wotan, Assassin and many more (and of course the wonderful atmosphere of the event) - I can't miss that! Meanwhile the photos from November's KIT (as well as from Candlemass, Destruction and Fatal Embrace shows) are posted in the STAGE and OFFSTAGE galleries.

Only one new COVER ART this time: for CATCH 22 - great US power/thrash band. Currently I'm working on the covers for AVENGER (UK), for whom I have just re-designed the logo, and for the Swiss EMERALD again.
In the LOGOs gallery you'll find also a new one for the SwordBrothers Festival.
Besides, I uploaded some cemetary photos (tombstones, monuments and crucifixes) in THE GRAND LEVELLER'S DOMAIN.

And I added an INTERVIEW- this time it was me who was interrogated. :) It's a translation of the interview I gave for "Zacmienie Slonca" 'zine.


Vacation time affected the updates, but here it is finally. Except for the photos from Headbangers Open Air festival in the STAGE and OFFSTAGE ("2005" and "Headbangers") galleries, there's a new COVER ART - for CAST AWAY (a fragment of the painting - in the ZOOM gallery) and a mascot for X-Mas Metal Meeting festival (I put it on the CARICATURES page, as it fits there more than to the Logo designs...).

After HOA and a small update. (15.07.2005)

I've just returned from Headbangers Open Air festival and that was one of the greatest weekends I will remember for a long time... So sad it's over, but at least I have my memories and 12 films with photos to support them. It will take some time to develop and scan them all, but they will be posted here as well as sent to all the bands I took photos of. For now I would just like to say a big thank you to all the great bands and very special thanks to all my friends that I hang out with there (you know who you are :) ) and all other friendly people I met in Itzehoe, Brande-Hörnerkirchen and Hamburg - hope to see you again soon!

For now I just uploaded the caricatures drawn for the FROST "Out In The Cold" CD booklet in the CARICATURES gallery. Bigger update with new cover arts and photos is on the way.

On another note: last week I received something that brought about a big smile on my face. The vocalist/guitarist of BURNING DARKNESS got the cover art I painted for them tattooed on his leg! Man, I'm totally flattered, it's really an honour! Check out the picture of the tattoo HERE.

The first big update. (03.06.2005)

The COVER ARTS gallery has been updated with 4 new paintings: for ATTACKER, WITCHBURNER, Maltese FORSAKEN and FROST (Jack Frost's solo band). You can take a closer look at some of their details in the ZOOM gallery.
And there are lots of new photos in the METAL part: from shows of Grave Digger, Astral Doors, Place Of Skulls, Communic, Jon Oliva, Wolf, Overkill and the whole KEEP IT TRUE IV festival (in STAGE) plus first offstage pictures from this year in the OFFSTAGE gallery (2005 and Headbangers).
The ABOUT ME and LINKS subpages are updated more often.